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I love when people let me know what they love about my submissions! <3
And if you see anyone posting MY fursuits/artwork; PLEASE LET ME KNOW! They did NOT get MY permission to use my photos! If its not under the account name FurretTails or any of my LINKED accounts over here --->
Then they are an imposter and stealing from me!

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I have a wide range of interest, but it's mainly pokemon and cosplays <3






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Where are you staying? 
Main Hotel

What day are you getting there?
Carpooling with my bf, raverrabbit  raverrabbit Not sure what day, I'll have to ask my boo! Either thursday or friday though! <3

Who are you rooming with?
clemfox  clemfoxrashia  rashiaraverrabbit  raverrabbitda-fox  da-fox and alytabby  alytabby I think thats it!

Who will you hang out with during the convention? 
probably clem, my bf and lots of other people, this is the anniversary of my first convention I ever attended and when I first met a ton of my friends so I will be ALL OVER THE PLACE!

Are there any panels you might be attending? 
hmm not sure, Ill be trying to hit up the dance comp this time for sure though!

Will you be suiting? 
Is this a trick question? ummm YESSSSS! I will be suiting in both katanarose  katanarose and yoshey  yoshey! Might also be lending out Yoshey to two people who I promised a long time ago but we'll see how plans go.

Do you do free art? 
sometimes not often, normally only for close friends or if im in a doodling mood, but i dont think my art is that good. >3>

Do you do trades? 
yeah but only with people im close to normally, been jacked a few times already where ive done my half and not gotten what was owed to me. :T

Do you do commissions? 
yes. But currently not open atm, I want to finish the rest of my commissions I am working on atm, im behind on some.

What is your gender? 

How tall are you? 
like 5'2"-5'3" ;3; im short but if im in Yoshey I look slightly taller! :D

Are you taken? Are you looking for a 'mate'?
I am taken by raverrabbit and recently broke up with my other partner. I am not looking for another partner for some time so please respect that. If you can't and get too touchy feely towards me without my permission/you aren't a close friend, I won't hesitate to dropkick you if you get too touchy with me and ESPECIALLY if im not giving you consent. Respect me and the fact that both I am taken and not looking for another partner and I will respect you. I am very easy to get along with unless you cross the line towards me or my partner.

Can I talk to you? 
yes I am very friendly! Though I may be a tad shy if I haven't spoken to you much and am just meeting you, so just keep that in mind, once i've warmed up to you though I can be a chatterbox! :D Also please don’t be offended if I talk to you for a short while and then run off or seem kinda spacey sometimes, I always have a lot running through my mind and I always want to try to go meet old friends so unless we really hit it off I don’t tend to stick around too long with strangers, I get better though when I’ve met someone multiple times at different cons however! ALSO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEE do NOT take me talking to you as an invite to follow me around or invite yourself to come hang out with me and my friends. I had that happen at MFF (and more recently at FWA :C )and im really shy and bad at telling people NO about that kind of thing because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but it really bothers me when people do that. So PLEASE do NOT do that at the con! D:
ALSOOOO if you come up to me and I ask how I know you and you just say something like your a watcher of mine PLEASE don't be offended if I blank on who you are or if I don't recognize you (either in or out of suit) I have a HORRIBLEEEE memory, so please don't be offended if I blank on who you are! It's not personal I just struggle to remember things and its not just people related! :C

Can I touch you? 
If its friendly and not sexual then I don't see a problem with it. and yes I love hugs especially when im suiting! :D AGAIN if it gets too much or your being clingy to me/touch me inappropriately I will get upset.
~I try to keep hugs from strangers under 10 seconds otherwise I start feeling uncomfortable/claustrophobic!~

How can I find you? 
look for a shortie with SHORT BLONDE hair if im out of suit. OR look for me in my suits! I'll post a HOW TO FIND ME AT AC photo submission sometime before the con! If you approach my Yoshey suit though, ASK because it might not be me in her! 
PLEASE do NOT be offended: I do not really go out of my way to go and MEET people, literally the best way to find me is to just LOOK. I don't mean to be rude but im at the con to have fun so the only time I really go out of my way to meet people is either if I already made plans to go meet them for; picking up something, going out to eat, swapping suits (please DON'T ask if you can wear one of my suits im really picky about who i let borrow my suit; trustworthy, won't ruin it, fairly easy to get a hold of/find, have known personally for at LEAST about a year, etc.), etc. 
If I went out of my way to go personally meet everyone at the con who wanted to meet me I wouldn't be having a good time because i'd be frantic about having to watch the clock and get to certain destinations and when im at a con and trying to make sure everyone I went out of my way to meet was having a good time! I suit a LOT, and I really don't watch the time at all, the only time i really end up places is by being dragged there by friends or by me just happening to be there. I don't have any personal vendettas against anyone I just like to have fun at a con and be stress free and not have to worry about upsetting people because I don't want to go out of my way to personally greet and shake your hand and stuff. All my friends know when im on the con floor, im off, I don't stop that often unless im resting or chatting it up with GOOD well known friends. I love to interact with new people and I encourage you to come up and chat with me or ask for a photo/hug, etc. Just please don't be mad if i won't go out of my way to personally have 1:1 time with you. I've had at least 3 people that i didn't know that well get mad in the past that I wouldn't go out of my way for them, and i'll be honest im really skiddish about that kind of stuff and it gives me anxiety when I feel im upsetting people, but I don't go out of my way to have 1:1 time with people unless its for the above reasons like having to pick up something or seeing an old super good friend, going out to eat, etc.etc. Just wanted to clarify that.

Can I visit your room? 
Unless you're a super close friend or invited by my boyfriend/roommates; i'd prefer you not unless I invite you and/or you got approved for it! >3>

Can I buy you drinks? 
I love dr. pepper, Shirley temples, orange soda or if im suiting WATER! :D Note: I don't drink after people so if you bring me something it has to be fresh/unopened. Im germ-phobic! X3

Can I give you stuff? 
I LOVE stuff! Don’t feel bad though if I get a bit teared up! ;3; If I cry a bit they’re happy tears and just from someone being that generous! If im out of suit though I may not cry, since I hate people seeing me cry even if they’re happy tears! (though tbh does anyone ever just give people gifts at cons? (aside from traded/commish. pre-art items?) i've never heard of this happening so I always find this question strange >3>)

Can I hug or snuggle with you? 
Hugs are fine, please keep it short if I don’t know you ~like under 10 seconds~, don't like cling to me and stuff. Seriously don't cling to me, it freaks me out, someone at MCFC wouldn't let me go and hung onto me while I was trying to walk/break away and I started panicing. Snuggles/long hugs are for close friends and my mate ONLY. Also please don't pick me up (if you aren't my mate/CLOSE friend) or glomp me, I have mild scoliosis (especially my lower back) so that really REALLY hurts if you do that to me. X3

Are you nice? 
I believe so, I am frequently told I am nice and a sweetheart so i'd hope I come off as nice and friendly? o/////o *gushes embarrassed* I can be a little quiet sometimes (or a boundful of energy depending on whats happening around me) but don't take that as an insult if im not talking or think im not having a good time! I am! I just like to people watch and get settled in first so don't take quietness as =me having a bad time. Plus im an observer most of the time!

How long are you going? 
Thursday (or Friday) til mondayish? :)

Do you have an artist table? 

Will you be going to parties? 
If I get invited, I tend to frequent Seven’s room parties since they’re the most fun and I meet so many awesome people! So we will see if I go to any others! The only parties you won’t see me at most likely are the ones with smoking/drugs,etc. stuff, That kind of stuff just isn’t my kind of scene and they make me uncomfortable to be in that kind of setting!

Will you be performing? 
haaaaa in suit yes? Probably not on anything like a dance floor or anything unless its brief!

If I see you, how should I get your attention?
Call me by FurretTails, Furret, Katana, Rose, Katana Rose, Yoshey,etc. or by my suit characters names and I should respond IF I hear you! Or just do like cynical-sergal  cynical-sergal did at FWA and have someone megaphone my name from a floor up above me! X’D

Where will you be most of the time during the day/s? 
wherever my boyfriend, friends and I are hanging out, which I would assume is just on the hotel floor wandering about! I will also be in the artist alley at some point to go meet a good friend of mine, so if you have a table and see me in there, idk if im going in suit or not yet, feel free to shout my name!

What/where will you be eating? 
Restaurants close by, and SUSHIIIIII with clem and friends!

Can I come with you for food/fun/etc? 
BIG MAYBE. if its a majority of who im going with is okay with you joining or they invited you.... (please don't just invite yourself, its seriously awkward for the WHOLE group! D:)

Can I look in your sketchbook? 
if its on me i dont see why not.... o3o

Can I draw in your sketchbook? 
if i give you permission AND you ask first. This would mean if I give you permission please don't mess with the other drawings in the sketchbook, thats incredibly rude!

Can I take your picture? 
No. -joking-
of course you can! (if im not in suit though i prefer you ask me first otherwise thats just creepy/weird, especially if i don't really know you!! o_O;;)

What's your goal(s) for the con this year? 
Same as every con! Having fun, meeting new people, making memories and just overall getting to hang out with friends and have a blast being in an environment of people with similar interest! <3


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I am a member of a pokemon collecting website and have been since January 14, 2010; most of my collection has accumulated from there. My favorite pokemon; and pokemon that I am known most for collecting is Furret. To my knowledge I have the largest Furret collection known and I hope to continue to hold that title. <3
❤ I am an INTROVERT; This little comic will explain how I am and why you shouldn't take offense if you think im ignoring you, im not I just tend to put energy towards friends and people who don't seem to be demanding my attention!…

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I do NOT allow anyone to use, copy, redistribute,etc. the artwork or photos I have. You may ONLY repost the artwork/photos IF you give credit to me AND link back to the original submission OR my page(s). You are NOT allowed to use any of my characters or claim them as your own. You may NOT use any of my characters as role-play characters EVER. If you see someone doing so, please inform me because they do NOT have my permission. All artwork, characters and photos are Copyrighted © by me and the original artist/photographers of such. The original artist/photographers are the only people who can repost the photos/artwork created without my permission. I do NOT mind if you would like to draw SFW (general audience) artwork of my characters for me; but do NOT draw NSFW (18+) artwork of my characters unless you asked AND I gave permission. Thank you for reading!❤
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